Interested in joining us?

We invite female singers to apply for audition at any time. We are looking for women with ability or interest in folk-style singing (chest voice, pure head voice, and/or "open-throat" styles with minimal or no vibrato). The qualities that are most important to us are the abilities to sing in tune and to hold one's part while singing in harmony (sometimes dissonant).

Additionally, singers need the ability to blend vocally in different timbres and to memorize and pronounce songs in foreign languages. We consider ourselves to be learners of these skills, not experts, therefore, we ask all members to be willing to offer and accept suggestions for group and individual improvement.

As the initial step, please submit the following to or by mail c/o Susan Anderson, 655 Crestwood Road, Wayne, PA 19087:

  • name, address, email, and phone numbers
  • short biography of relevant experience
  • 2-4 min recording of you singing a song or two that reflect your voice’s range and timbre(s). Do not use accompaniment.

If you seem to be a likely fit, we will email you sheet music and recordings of a 3-part Bulgarian song to learn (including memorizing the lyrics). We will then invite you to join us at one of our weekly rehearsals. At that time we will ask you to sing each of the 3 parts with 2 of us singing the other 2 parts. During the following week, we will notify you with feedback on your audition results.

We hope you will consider auditioning, and we look forward to hearing from you!